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Morning Air

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Added on 18 September 2022


You are at a crossroads. Behind you is your old life, in front of you is the new one. You know that everything could suddenly change. You feel a tingle. You could dare it. Just go for it. Start over. Never before have you been so sure that you could succeed. That everything will turn out well. Your usual doubts are absent and instead courage takes hold. You dare. Take your first step into the new land. A pull takes hold of you, becomes stronger, and draws you further into the unknown. You trust that life will lead you. And finally you let go completely.

«Morning Air» is the first single of the Swiss band «We the Young». The song is about the electrifying feeling when you let yourself fall into a new life.

We the Young
Year of creation
Samuel Dütsch
let go, change, magic, courage, new life, new beginning, longing, falsetto, wurlitzer, indie rock, indie pop, alternative pop

Credits and thanks

|| Video
Script: Samuel Dütsch, Marcel Sprenger
directed by Samuel Dütsch

|| Song
Lyrics & Music: Marcel Sprenger
Vocals & Keys: Marcel Sprenger
Drums: Daniel Eugster
Guitar & Bass: Martin Deplazes

Production: Marcel Sprenger, Daniel Eugster
Mixing: Giuliano Sulzberger
Mastering: Adi Flück

|| Support
Many thanks to Stadt Winterthur, Cassinelli Vogelstiftung and Stiftung Yo for the financial support! Thank you Enrico Tinner for your helping hand during the video shoot.

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