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Added on 18 September 2022

HORIZONS...... The album Horizons is a blend of Blues, Funk & World Music, original tracks in French and English, is a voyage between the Francophonie and North America, where the singer Fabienne Palasciano draws her inspirations. Her voice and personality, combined with the musicians individual styles, bring up groove, harmony and emotion to the project. The story of Horizons is the crossing of decades, Love in all its shapes and forms, it is life ; and the music, full of colours, as a reflection of who plays it. ……………………………………............................................................................................. HORIZONS…… L’album Horizons, est un mélange de blues, funk & world music, des titres originaux en Français et en Anglais, un voyage entre la Francophonie et l’Amérique du nord, où la chanteuse y trouve ses inspirations. Sa voix, sa personnalité, la manière de jouer des musiciens, portent groove, harmonie, émotion au projet. L’histoire d’Horizons, c’est la traversée de quelques décennies, l’amour sous toutes ses formes, c’est la vie ; et la musique, pleine de couleurs est le reflet de qui la joue.
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A big thank you to all of those who made this album possible! Family and friends!
To my travel companions, The Southern Sound Movement, always on top: Pierre Chabrèle, Luca Pasqua, Mirko Roccato and Stefano Bertolotti, for their availability, motivation and patience, the collaboration, the great work, the travels, even when tired, always in a good mood; thank you for the trust and support that you are giving me since years and for what each of you have brought, as personal touches, grooves, sounds, colors and musicality to this album!
To Pierre Chabrèle for the writing of shared compositions, for the precise, meticulous and efficient work such as in the arrangements, for the trust and the total collaboration, the patience, the uncounted hours all the way to the realization of the album; who inspires me at all times for new compositions.
To Luca Cacucciolo for the arrangements and the shared writing of "Sans Appel".
To Lara Persia, for her professionalism, her good advices, her kindness and patience, who gave us the opportunity to enter the studio and record during a time which was difficult for all of us. For her encouragements when I was down, and her coffees.
To Nicolas Guéret for his availability and his mastering work.
To my son, Flavio Palasciano, for the cover that I love and the meticulous work, the graphic design and the layout of the al-bum, for the adaptations in English of the various texts and press releases. For the motivation and the patience. I am filled with joy, emotions and wonderful energies to have worked as a family.
To Arseniy Shkaptsov (United Soloists) for the platforms.
To Marco Marchi for having always supported and encouraged me.
To Amos Vismara.
To Vanille Douros (Rouge FM), Lele Dimitri (Kristall Radio) and Mark Stenzler (Radio Bern), who invited me on their shows before the album was released.
A wink to Said Hakem (Radio Arverne); thanks for your support.
To all our friends and fans who are always present at our concerts and who follow the evolution of our work.

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