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Achilles' Heel

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Added on 20 September 2022

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Animor Music Limited
electroacoustic, acustico, duet song, isolation, forgive, sorry, organic, clarinette, indie pop, folkpop

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In the beginning of December last year we once again had the chance to embark on a musical fairytale together. We spent a few days together in Lugano, and inspired by the beauty of the south of Switzerland we managed to carve together a couple of songs. The one we would like to present to you now was born in an early evening in the kitchen of Rominas house on the hills of Vernate. The song is called Akille´s Heel and it is a warmhearted duet that touches on the subject of forgiveness, and what it means to say you are sorry. We hope that you will find it meaningful and enjoyable.

Romina & Tobias
Mix by Daniel Fagerudd

972 plays