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Added on 27 August 2022

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Self Release / Cookie The Herbalist / S. Raschi
big tune, hit, upful, uprising, motivation, reggae, winner, cookie the herbalist

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“People always ask me what I want to be... I tell ‘em that I want to be a WINNER...That is what I was born for.”
In order for us humans to overcome certain obstacles, we have to believe in ourselves, evolve our skills and passionately work towards our dreams and goals.
We need to become more conscious about who we are, what we desire and want to achieve. We need to become winners in our own lives!‚
WINNER’is to be considered one of Cookie’s most inspirational and encouraging tracks so far. Born by the will to embolden and motivate people, especially the youth, growing up in these often demoralising times.
This piece combines the artist’s commanding and clear vocals, with real life lyrics leading up to a powerful opera rendition. Additionally, a children choir is giving ‚WINNER’an extra touch and underlining the topic of inspiration and encouragement. Have a listen to the brand-new track, get inspired and determined to become the ‚WINNER’ your were born to be!
Official release: August 26thISRC: CH6542255510Lyrics: Cookie The Herbalist (Stefano Raschi) Instrumental: M. Urech / Groove FactoryCover art: A. Montaque

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