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Lost & Found feat. Phase One (co-produced with James Iwa)

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Added on 27 January 2023

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alternative rap, rap, conscious hip-hop, conscious rap, hip hop meets jazz, hip hop

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With Lost & Found, James Iwa & REEL BEETZ release a slow, heavy yet rolling Hip-Hop track. Featuring rapper Phase One best known from internationally acclaimed Hip-Hop band «The Lesson GK» with lyrics that are complex and deep and unveil a new story every time you listen to it, this song is a jewel for Conscious Rap connoisseurs. Sticking to their newly created sound that is rooted in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul, the two producers continue to establish their songs in the Alternative Hip-Hop landscape.

Vocals: Phase One (https://www.instagram.com/phaseonemusic/)
Keys, Bass, Mix assistance: James Iwa (https://www.instagram.com/james_iwa)
Drums, Mix: REEL BEETZ (https://reelbeetz.ch)
Mastering: Dope Mixes (https://www.dominikburkhalter.com)
Artwork: Lilian Salathé (https://www.liliansalathe.ch)

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