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Added on 3 February 2023

Eye Sea Double
Year of creation
On The Camper // Il Domani
psychedelic pop, eye sea double, monte mai

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Eleven tracks that reveal a continuous change in direction, a journey undertaken without maps. The destination is always the same: the collective consciousness. Eye Sea Double, an album with two souls. The double, interpreted as the doubling of a reality. The theme of the “double”, understood as the doctrine that uses two definite principles, aiming to grasp a deeper form of reality. Soul and body, life and death, light and darkness. Two distinct principles, but united in a single being. Deconstructed rhythms, smoky bass riffs, lanky psychedelic nursery rhyme-like vocal lines, analog synths and angelic voices are layered and orchestrated in a retro-manic journey, landing into post-genre lateral Pop and played electronica. Eye Sea Double is released on vinyl, CD and digital.
On the Camper Records + Il Domani / Release Date: Feb 3rd 2023 / Format: Vinyl / CD / Digital
Press kit + Downloads: info@ildomani.ch / Media trashcan: linktr.ee/montemai


All tracks by Monte Mai
Recorded at il domani (CH)
Mixed by Johannes Buff at Shorebreaker (F)
Mastered by Benoit Bel at Mikrokosm (F)
Produced by Monte Mai
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 11 co-produced with Aris Bassetti
Graphic Design Gysin & Vanetti

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