Rino Dilugano - Se darti una carezza (Mama) - Ft. BadMannaira - Mx3.ch

Se darti una carezza (Mama) - Ft. BadMannaira

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Added on 8 May 2023


"Se darti una carezza (Mama)".
Author & Composer by Rino Gambino (Rino Dilugano).
Co-Author by Katya Gambino.
Also Co-Author in the rap part, translation in his Words, from the sense of ​​the original song "Se darti una carezza" by Rino Dilugano, by Nurù in Art BadMannaira.
Arrangement by Paolo Paone & Rino Gambino. Mix by Paolo Paone & Rino Gambino. Mastering by Paolo Paone. Video by Paolo Paone.
Actors: Rino Dilugano & BadMannaira.
Produced by Rino Gambino & Paolo Paone.
Copyright by Suisa.

Year of creation
Rino Dilugano
Paolo Paone/Rino Dilugano
hip-hop, dance, musica italiana, cantautorato, badmannaira, rino dilugano

Credits and thanks

Thanks to my wife Katya Gambino for the support.
Thanks to my friend Nurù (BadMannaira), who agreed to be a guest in my Song. Bro, you are a talent! Thanks to my friend Paolo Paone, pure Artist and Talent.
I thank my mom and Nurù's Mom.
Dedicated to all Moms. You are our life!

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