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Seaman's Watch

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Added on 25 May 2023

Sir Arne's Treasure
Year of creation
Invisible Inc.
pop, songwriting, folk

Credits and thanks

Recorded, edited and mixed by Chris Diggelmann
Produced by invisible Inc. in association with La Sourde Oreille
Live mixing, technical support and management by Hervé Mermillod
Band photography by Pierre-Edouard Monnier
Graphic Designer by Tassilo - graphisme & illustration
Prepaed for DVD by Géradl Rochat/RAM: prepared for CD by Julien Grandjean
Sound recordings made live à Le Pont Rouge, Monthey - 15-17.09.2008
Jacques Bevilacaqua: electric guitar
Fabrizio Di Donato: piano, bass, melodica, water glass
Michael Frei: vocals, Wurlitzer electric piano, synth, percussion
Tassilo Jüdt: alto and soprano saxophones, accordion, percussion, vocals
Gérald Rochat: drums, cajon, hang, water glass

7 plays