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My Wonderful Bereaved

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Added on 25 May 2023

Keep the Devil Out of Hillsboro
Year of creation
Phénix Records
pop, songwriting, folk

Credits and thanks

Vocals and songs by Michael Frei
Recorded, edited, mixed and produced by Chris Diggelmann
String / Woodwind / Brass Arrangements by Fabrizio Di Donato, who also conducted the Quartets
Recorded at Gamma recording, Untersiggenthal, Switzerland, with the Assistance of Beat Gruber & Dominik Kessler
String Quartet recorded at Gamma Recording, Untersiggenthal, Switzerland
Woodwind / Brass Quartet recorded at the Music Room, Gymnase de Chamblandes, Pully, Switzerland
Mixed at Mazzive Sound, Nidau, Switzerland
Mastered by Julien Grandjean, somewhere in Vevey, Switzerland
The Players:
Fabrizio Di Donato: piano, plucked piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, organ, glockenspiel, backing vocals
Julien Feltin: electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, dobro
Patrice Moret: acoustic bass, bowed bass
Maxime Zampieri: drums, percussion
Jacques Bevilacqua: electric and slide guitars, dobro
Gérald Rochat: accordion, hang
Frédéric Merk: keyboards
Isabel Neligan: first violin
Elisabeth Harringer: second violin
Ursula Sarnthein: viola
Xavier Pignat: cello
Denis Corboz: trumpet
Andrea Esperti: trombone
Rachel Pasche-Gabioud: french horn
Jean-Samuel Racine: bass clarinet
Beat Gruber: additionnal vocals on Blink
Michael Frei: piano on The North Sea
Maxime Zampieri: cymbals, sonor drums on Sabian
Photography: Pierre-Edouard Monnier
Cover Design: Jean-Marc Adler

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