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Added on 6 December 2023

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This song represents how the we choose not to hear or see
from someone who is clearly important when you heart has been turned off after
A previous relationship has left you unable to give you heart .
They tell you how they see you but because you ego has taken over .
So create a brick wall around your heart so no pain can enter
And in turn you allow your self to become pessimistic
And when someone who cares tries to open you eyes you just can’t see it until
They give up and can no longer put time and energy

We have reached the point of no return
Your heart can’t take no more
This back an forth has torn you apart
Our last farewell was hollow
As I watched you walk away for the last time
I fell hands first to the floor
After another useless comment
I blurted out after we just made love

Say goodbye to a love we never had
Say goodbye to all the pain I caused you

You set yourself free
Flying into peaceful waters
You set yourself free
Now you’ll find what you deserve

I knew that this could not be repaired
But like a dumb fool I reached out anyway
If all the scars I left were visible you’d have no skin left untouched
The reflection in your eyes is what kept me coming back
And I only gave you the emptiest part of me
A burnt out shell of my former self
I manipulated you in every situation
I infected every part of your life

But now you’ve stripped me down
To reveal the monster that I am
Now the truth it strikes
No longer to be welcome to be part of your life

Say goodbye to a love we never had
Say goodbye to all the pain I caused you
Say goodbye to all the pain I caused you
To all

Animation and director of the video clip Mathilde Heu
Mix by Romain Equey
Mastered by Greg Debuis at Studio Du Flon
Song written and performed by Mark Kelly

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