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Added on 22 May 2024

Year of creation
96 Montigolfiera Production
vibes, dance, rythm, soulful, funky, funk, groove, r&b-soul, jazz, soul, acid-jazz

Credits and thanks

Album : will be part of my next new album. GIOMANÈ
Year : 2024

Title : SOFT

Style: Acid-Jazz / Funk-Soul

Release date : 28.05.2024

Time : 3:15
Composer : Gianfranco GFN
Arranger : Gianfranco GFN & Vladimir Carbone & David Caraccio
Lyrics : Alan Jackson

Band : Mystery
. Gianfranco GFN : Guitar
. David Caraccio: Bass
. Nicolas Pittet: Drums
. Claude-Alain Biedermann: Keyboard
. Vladimir Carbone: Voice & Backing Voice

Additional musicians: Clapping:
. Gilbert Novelli , Arthur Schaffer Gianfranco GFN & Vladimir Carbone

Records :
Studio : Le Bocal Studio - Boudry Switzerland
Recording & Editing: David Caraccio

Mix & Mastering: Sound engineer Nico Odorico - Angel's Wings Recording Studio & Arts Center ITALY

Production :
Label : 96 Montigolfiera Production (Switzerland)
Distribution : 96 Montigolfiera Production (Switzerland)
Edition: 96 Montigolfiera Publishing

Link :
Website : www.96gfn.ch
Buying: https://gianfrancogfn.bandcamp.com/track/soft
Soundcloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/zyqn36YkEZCWbQMD7
Yourube: https://youtu.be/OpQkV0MxtL4?si=05HJcYOK8gXgZJuk

Photographer : Marc Ducrest
Graphic design : Nino G. (Switzerland)
Vidéo Clip: Nino G.

Thanks To: Many thanks to all those who have been involved in this project in one way or another.

96 Prodo.Monti. All Rights Reserved-Unauthorized Copying Reproduction Hiring Public Performance And Broadcasting Prohibited.

About this Track :

This new song will be part of the new album of GIANFRANCO GFN.

"SOFT" expresses deep, intense love through verses evoking the beauty and sleep of the beloved. The author, captivated by the presence of this person, expresses his fear of losing her and his desire to keep her close to him, even when he must go away... The emphasis is on the constant need for the loved one's presence, and on the conviction that their love will only grow with time.

Pip-Line: Corporate : 2024 96 Montigolfiera production 084 GFN Music VD-CD (SOFT)

Tous Droits Réservés GFN 2024 – 96 Montigolfiera production 2024

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