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Added on 1 June 2016

Save the last maracas for me
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Plug the left earpone in – Plug the right earphone in
to mute the surrounding vast noise
You don't need no / news on wars 'n quakes 'n draught 'n horrible abuse
At last – it's your island – save from the helplessness of society.
Cos what you'd hear'd be scandalous
and what you'd read'd be inglorious
You fear to see the tremendous pain suffered by millions
of starving bodies feeding off the drain.
Stay / focussed on the small display – the / "4 inches" – but no further.
Cos what you'd see'd be hideous
and what you'd hear'd be scandalous
it's the globalized harsh business blues
some judgement day talk by men in grey suits and shiny shoes.
This be the / sale of charity
This mentality of hoarding is socially "in"
You must consume what you can for as long as there is
Cos suddenly this will be over.... (no resources left – "cannot mute").
Stay / comfortable in your cocoon – Your / table will be set real soon.
Your / laundry is dry cleaned, too, by your Mummy, Hotel Mummy is the real deal!
Your / old folks left you early for work
and at / school you're miming some dumb jerk
Not used to / hard labor anymore
to fulfill a / wish or two – it's the times the pleasure dome rules.
This be the / sale of charity
This mentality of hanging round is "cool"
You prefer / virtual reality... a / save haven to be
But suddenly this might be over.... (one trip's too far – "cannot mute").
No / friends you need to maroon. Take / shelter from the approaching doom.
Your own / head is the dearest and nearest / this is not digital, it's your lonely heart.
Then / your soil will be overrun
Or undermined or blitzed... for worse
By mad dictators or imperial troops
Or religious fanatics bloody thesis, too.
Don't you / blame this on demons nor zombs
it's merely / humans' most horrible scum
"I gotta mute this – I gotta mute that – wanna mute everything bad… for evermore."
This be the / sale of charity
This mentality of watching is close to an end
You have recorded your life and taken a / selfie or two
Then suddenly it was over... (they chopped off your head – "cannot mute").
Plug the left earpone in - Plug the right earphone in
Enjoy your island but come back soon to embrace charity.

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