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Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines . Like A Kid . Official Video HD

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Added on 2 March 2016

Download on bandcamp: https://charlieroethewashingmachines.... LYRICS When I obey You say you like to play Last time I tried What happened then? It will happen again And when I go all alone I’m stupid There’s no race I can run by myself What you want I’m not any more We used to walk through darling You keep me stalling Then you’ve said enough Nobody dared me to be fair until the bell And once you say Is it late for me and you’ll make me forget And when you’re okay You water me down like Monet Procrastinating, waiting for what I’m going to say You are a lonely bony frozen man What a happy ending CHORUS And just like a kid You’ll be/get lost on your own Your shouting and pouting Won’t help you get home You make me and you Last week, bad news To Forget ----------------------------------------­­---------------------- Follow Charlie Roe & The Washing Machines: https://www.charlieroe.me/thewashingm... https://www.facebook.com/charlieRoeTh... Twitter: @charlieroeatwm Instagram: @charlieroe_thewashingmachines
Paper Spring
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Video by Andrea Todaro
Composed by Charlie Roe, Shane Kerins, Giuseppe Pugliese
Lyrics by Charlie Roe, Shane Kerins
Performed by Charlie Roe at vocals, Simone Poncioni at bass, Simone Giannattasio at drums, Shane Kerins at Guitars, Mattia Mantello at guitars.

Released in April 2015
Mammut Project Production

3047 plays