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Shining Star

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Added on 21 March 2016


‚Shining Star’ (taken from the COOKIEBOX – Compilation)

With ‚Shining Star’ Cookie The Herbalist presents a positive, uplifting and cheerful new song. It shall motivate the youths of today and tomorrow to believe in themselves, make something of their lives, go to school, educate themselves and to focus on their goals.

„...you are the greatest Shining Star be proud of who you are and reach so far...“

„...believe in yourself I’m sure you can make it, there’s always a way be brave and take it...“

Just to mention a few lines.

On Cookie The Herbalist’s latest trip to Jamaica, a colorful and lively video was shot at ‚Help Jamaica’ (Library/School/Charity Organiation) located in the heart of Cassava Piece, better known as ‚Gully’, one of the most infamous Ghettos of Kingston. ‚Help Jamaica’ was founded there in 2009 by a German/Jamaican Non Profit Organisation. Its purpose is to give underprivileged children the possibility to learn reading and writing for free. Also after school tutoring and Computer courses for juveniles are offered.
And even more important it is a place where children can find some peace and fun in a secure environment.
The best place to shoot a video for the song ‚Shining Star’.
It is also the goal of this video to support this charitable Organisation in a creative way and to motivate people from foreign countries to participate to the education and improvement in some of the less fortunate districts of this world.
The youths are the future!
More infos to Help Jamaica here:

Cookiebox - a Cookie The Herbalist - compilation
Year of creation
Alexander Brown (CabConcepts Jamaica)

Credits and thanks

Lyrics: Cookie The Herbalist
Riddim: Max Rubadub
Percussions: J. Edwards / Guitar: D. Gast
Video director: A. Brown (CabConcepts JA)
Thanks to: Miss Chin, Hille and the whole Help Jamaica crew and of course thanks to all the kids involved! great job! Thanks also to CabConcepts crew!

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