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Stories Upon Your Lips (video)

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Added on 27 June 2016


A psychedelic lust story between a biology teacher and his class of young schoolgirls which promises to be the hottest video of the summer!

Year of creation
Bastien Bron

Credits and thanks

Directed by Bastien Bron / dasplayground.com
D.O.P. : David Baumann / artaban.tv
Camera assistant & lights : Claudio Artieda
Script: Bastien Bron & Raphaël Weber
Casting: Laetitia Gauchat
Costume design: Marie Jeanrenaud & Laetitia Gauchat
Set design: Bastien Bron
Stagehands: Clément Gaud & Solene Mercier
Edit & grading: Bastien Bron
Production: Das Playground & The Rambling Wheels
Gears: Artaban Filmance
Catering: André Kuenzy

Starring: Maeva Briguet, Louise Doering, Jessica Dreier, Manon Moulin, Océane Torti & Mathias Glayre

With support from Migros Pour-cent Culturel

Special thanks to Andreas Doering & André Kuenzy

Song by Raphaël Weber & The Rambling Wheels
recorded by Julien Fehlmann
mixed by Yvan Bing
mastered by Magnus Lindberg

669 plays