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Chico Blues

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DownTown In Person 70'S
96 Prodo. Monti / Gianfranco GFN

Credits & Dank

Gianfranco GFN

Chico Blues


Guitar: Gianfranco GFN
Bass: Mimmo Pisino
Drums: Steve Grant
Keyboard and Rhodes: Caryl Baker
Congas, Timpani and various Percussion: Stéphane Joerg « El Niño »
Sax & Bass Clarinet: Lucien Dubuis
Trombone: Andreas Tschopp
Trompette: Matthias Spillmann

96 Prodo. Monti
Present :

Gianfranco GFN
(as Gi-Giazz)

New Album :
Downtown In Person 70’S

Recorder between November 2015 – May 2016

Compositions And Arrangement :
Gianfranco GFN

Arranger Brass :
Lucien Dubuis

Recorder, Mixed and Mastered by P.Brunkow at Damp Studio Switzerland

Cover and Graphic by :
Photography :
Wollodja Jentsch

Production :
96 Prodo. Montigolfiera

Thanks To :

I would Like to express my deep gratitude to all the persons who helped in one way or another to realise this Album

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