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The Motorbikes Are Roaring

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Added on 9 August 2016

The new video clip “The Motorbikes Are Roaring” from the Swiss band The Blues Mystery is very characteristic for them: riding motorbikes in the great scenery of the Alps, with breathtaking cliffs and dams. The singer Willy Matt had chosen a legendary machine: A Triumph Tiger 100, the bike Bob Dylan crashed with, also the TR5 from James Dean is based on this model. It is the second clip from their album “Diesel Rock”, offering a more private image of these guys. Three of them are passionate bikers, but also their bass player leads us to some great scenes hiking in the mountains. The sceneries they chose are in the center of the Swiss alps, in the Valais, including the Tseuzier dam and lake. The song starts with the words: “On the road again, the motorbikes are roaring”. The main storyboard follows the lyrics of the song (on the following page), for a sideline narration the band set up an open air concert scene, inviting a bunch of their motorbike friends to participate. When Willy arrives just in time with his gang to start the concert, you can feel this fascinating mix between blues-rock, motors roaring, great sceneries and fun! The hide-away in the cliffs, part of the main story, is also place of the guitar solo, showing an incredible choice of motorbikes, the legendary machines include a Yamaha race machine Kenny Roberts had driven.
Diesel Rock
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