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Midlife Noises
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Written by Julien Boucq / M.J.
Arranged & performed by TRANK : Julien Boucq (guitars) / Johann Evanno (drums) / Max Fridière (bass) / M.J. (vocals & programming).
Since the recording of "Midlife Noises", David Spatola has replaced Max on bass.

Produced by Yvan "Monsieur le Baron" Barone and TRANK.
Engineered by Yvan Barone @ Studio des Forces Motrices, Genève, & Le Château, Vallières.
Assistant engineer and digital editing @ Studio des Forces Motrices by David "the Host" Weber.
Mixed by Yvan Barone @ Le Château, Vallières.
Mastered by Andy VanDette - The Engine Room, NYC.

Thank you's and without whom's :
Wives (Gaëlle, Laure, Amandine, Mélanie), kids (Nolan, Mélissa, Raphaël, Olivia, Gabriel) & parents, for putting up with the noise (so far).
Daniel Laville, Catherine Berthet, for teaching us how to make it.
Yvan for the sound, David for the Neve, Gabi for the visuals, Ioana for Gabi, Susete for the hosting, Xavier for the kickstart, Alek, Yves & staff @ GVA Pro Studios for space and open ears.
Friends for support & inspiration - whether intentional or otherwise.

26 plays