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Free Soul

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Added on 28 March 2017

Year of creation
Deepdive Records

Credits and thanks

song and lyrics written by Sons of Morpheus, SUISA.  © & ℗ 2017 Sons of Morpheus & deepdive records. Published by deepdive publishing. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproducing, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. Made in the EU. Deep052.
Produced by Sons of Morpheus and David Weber
Recorded and mixed by David Weber at Studio des Forces Motrices, Geneva CH
Mastered by Jon Astley at Close To The Edge Mastering, London UK
Artwork-Design by Alexander Von Wieding, zeichentier.com
Label: deepdive records, label@ddrecords.ch
Contact/General Management: Sixteentimes Music, rudy@sixteentimes.com
We sincerely like to thank all the beautiful individuals who made this album possible. To name a few... David Weber, Stefan Schurter, Andrew Campbell, Yanik Stebler, RFV Basel, Iris Vaessen, Paiste Cymbals, Patrick Vonlanthen (Le bouffon de la taverne), Louis Sartori, Felicien Lia, Al Christie, Claude Conradi and Beat Schürpf (Pro Percussion, Basel), Jon Astley, Alexander von Wieding, Tabea Hüberli, Will Wood, Tanja Wittrien, Susan Pedrazzi, Alessandro Cappilli
We're grateful beyond words for having friends and families who support and embrace what we do. Thanks for being there when we're not!

167 plays