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Falling Tonight - Official Video

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Added on 28 August 2017

“Falling Tonight”, the first taste of POLAR CIRCLES’ next album, draws you into a world at the limits of reality from the very first notes. It’s like when you’re almost dreaming, just before falling into a deep sleep – neither time nor space matters. Despite the eighties vibe and synthetic sounds, the group keep their rock and their bite, with a chorus that sticks in your head the very first time you hear it. The group has definitely been influenced by Oxfordshire and the special touch of their producer Sam Williams, who is behind the best of Supergrass, Plan B, and The Noisettes. The decision to spend time in England working on this album promises a British touch. This track provides the first, irresistible glimpse of a new, enchanting world with a touch of fantasy.
Year of creation
DeepDive Music
Das Playground

Credits and thanks

Official video for "Falling Tonight"

Directed by Bastien Bron / dasplayground.com
Photography by David Baumann
Lights & Camera assistant : Claudio Artieda
Costume design: Marie Jeanrenaud

Starring: Océane Torti & Polar Circles

Original idea: Bastien Bron

Special thanks to Océane Torti, David Baumann, Bastien Bron, Christine Caron, Yannick Chautems, Marie Jeanrenaud, Carine, Fabien, Melissa & Enki... and everyone who worked on this video !

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