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Added on 22 September 2017

Flohzirkus EP
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Credits and thanks

Fränk: de Vocal, Büxengitarre, ambient, recording
Küber: cajon, percussion, vocals
Houten: double bass
Pascal Stadtammann a & e Gitarre
Dominik de la Chiège, Violine
Hanspeter Stamm, Trompete, Flügelhorn
David Bollinger www.soundvalley.ch : Mix
Dan Suter Echochaber: Mastering

grazia fich to
our mothers, families, friends, partners, Gabi and Remo from Mix Max Music, Simon Huber, Johannes Brahms, the swiss music scene, the young guns and the old cats for shaping our path,
Nipun, Salzhaus Brugg, Faber, nebes andes, the tribe that invented the noseflute, Lisa Zimmermann (Artwok), Radicalis, all the skaters in the world, David Bollinger at Soundvalley studios,
the Pubs of Schaffhausen, the lovely folks at Cromwellroad in Bristol, the man who performed at Leftbank, the Moats, Laura Süess, Josh Green and the young man at Konk Studios London, SRF,
Lara Stoll for the cheerful Eurodancetrack, people that go to gigs, to Pizza and Pasta, Candy, Wine and Popcorn, Dan Suter for coffee, Willy Kotoun, Barbara Horlacher, Rahel Hadorn, Martina Bovet, music and you for your support - from here till the end.

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