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A Matter of Time

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The new single "A Matter of Time" describes the universal moment in our lives when we finally decide to face reality. It is the moment of clarity that arrives when the illusion of your greater society is stripped away. It is a return to that moment when you were born naked, before your innocence was lost. It is a song of admission and courage. It is Rootwords’ confession.
Warning Signs
Kinyama Records
Benjamin Archier

Credits & Dank

[Video credits]
Directed by Benjamin Archier
With Kimberley Rialt
Special thanks to Emma, Manon, Alban, Laura

[Audio credits]
A Matter of Time
(S.Breynaert, N.Duboux, Y.Jaquemet, J.M.Nkowane, B.Riggi)
Published by Kinyama Publishing, Ride On Time Music, MyMusicRights
© 2017 Kinyama Records

With the support from The Block Productions

Additional images : Shutterstock, EnvatoMarket

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