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Added on 9 November 2017


The room is filled with emptiness. GINA ÉTÉ‘s fragile voice is soothing your mind in warm melancholy, the outer world fades away. Suddenly your head is exploding, despair is getting hold of your bones, you gasp for breath. And then it is gone, leaving nothing but a faraway pounding in your ears.

The visual adaption of the young Zurich based director Samuel Dütsch is remarkable: Trapped in her own apartment, Gina is watching the time going by. All at once, she is confronted with her own future - an old, remorseful lady, filled with bitterness. Face to face with her wasted existence, Gina turns mad, finally giving in to her futile faith.

Seeing GINA ÉTÉ live is just as emotionally impressive. She has proved herself on stage with her charming viola and her energetic band over a 100 times. The single release she is celebrating on the 2nd of November in Soca Basel - with 30 concerts following all throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France.

Year of creation
Samuel Dütsch

Credits and thanks

Directed by Samuel Dütsch http://www.sd-productions.ch/
Recorded & Mixed by Jeremie Revel, Noé Franklé, Phillip Klawitter
Mastered by Aigle Noir
Assistance & Light by Raphael Werner Media Prod.

Huge thanks to
Verena Bosshard for her wonderful acting!
Irma & Fred Brockenstube - for supplying us with pendulum clocks, birdcage, chairs and many more. Check it out: www.irmaundfred.ch
MG's top floor for borrowing us their beautiful home!
Carmabylon's for giving me a "how to not have shiny skin on a video"-make up crash course and lending me her makeup!

*Merci Merci Merci!!!*

224 plays