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Has Humankind Lost its Soul? (blues)

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Added on 25 February 2018

„Has Humankind Lost its Soul?“ is the question. On Thursday, February 15 The Blues Mystery began the year 2018 with a provocative single. Where has the soul gone in today’s society? The Swiss-/French blues-rock band knocks down a door with a meaningful video clip, a door which nowadays remains preferably closed. The success of the band has been proven on several well-known festivals and in clubs in France, Germany and Switzerland. With „Back to the Dirty Town“ The Blues Mystery have given their reference as Blues songwriters, and left behind most of the well-known blues greats. The question arises: how could the music media miss this phenomena? The new single is kicking off their new album „Soul Memories“, which will be released this April. The society critical lyrics of „Has Humankind Lost its Soul?“ are visualized with a video clip full of metaphors. This clip has been conceived and directed by the young Swiss Isabella Thut from Cologne, Germany. The new sound of The Blues Mystery shall excel his predecessor „Back to the Dirty Town“. It is ripened and daring, like this unique flavor a good Whiskey offers, the singer willy Matt would say.
Soul Memories - starting April 13, 2018
Year of creation
The Mysterious Blues Man
Isabella Thut

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Director and Scriptwriting: Isabella Thut - https://isabellathut.com/
Main camera: Laura Lechner
Actors: Alessa Eisschiel, Daniel Bohrer, Marie Meinzenbach, Franziska Hennig, Matthias Brandebusemeyer, Timo Lodz
Main characters: Willy Matt, Jae Thut

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