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Added on 23 January 2018

Release date: January 23. After the critically acclaimed album Kardia (his last to date) which granted him a Swiss Live Talents Award, Mourah returns with a new single that reveals his pop orientated side to the audience. Following a personal experience, Tightrope Walker tackles the issue of the OBE (Out of Body Experience), more commonly called astral voyage. Whether one believes in modified states of consciousness or not, what is questioned here is the notion of reality and dreams, and time too. The lyrics are delivered by Mourah’s so unique voice, deep and airy, powerful and soft at the same time. The song, produced arranged and composed by him embraces his influences found in Prince, as a way of paying tribute to his musical mentor. The sonic production proposes a retro sound from the eighties, halfway between pop and funk, like the little genius of Minneapolis so cleverly did and popularized. While waiting for his next album - Silk Armour - (September 2018) which will take the listener into a more alternative and iconoclastic world, it is a real pleasure listening to this fresh piece of pop allegory that is far more dense and intricate as it seems at first sight. Energetic Mei Fa Tan directed the music video. Lately, she has become a strong name in the Swiss panorama of visual productions. It is the second time both artists work together. In fact, Mourah had won the Music Video Contest (created by Mei Fa Tan and organized with Les Hivernales festival) and she directed his music video No Sour Days. Tightrope Walker displays a more minimal and contemplative setup in order to give space for a dreamlike world, as sober as captivating. Distributed by AWAL under the label Whirlybird Seeds. Contacts : info@mourah. com LYRICS: Between dreams and reality I’ve found a glittering rope A snake of constellations I venture onto it unafraid to fall Expecting to uncover The meaning of It all I’m a tightrope walker ‘Though most times I just fly A tightrope walker ‘Can’t explain the reason why It must be real like this Overwhelming Love I feel It links the one I wanna be To my made-up self From unknown dark skies To places I call home The world shoots me into deep sleep When it gets too sad to see While my other spectral self Roams free into the light I’m a tightrope walker ‘ Though most times I just fly A tightrope walker ‘Can’t explain the reason why It must be real like this Universal Love I feel One makes it while the other falls Next time will be the other way ‘round One dreams while the other lives But in the end life is just a dream Life is just a dream How real is yours? I‘ m a tightrope walker In another space and time Music&lyrics by Mourah Video directed by Mei Fa Tan © 2018 Whirlybird Seeds / AWAL
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Whirlybird Seeds
Mei Fa Tan

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Directed by Mei Fa Tan
Director of Photography / Ludovic Matthey
D.I.T & Colorist / Gregory B. Terlikowsky
Gaffer / Sophie Poncin
Lightning Tech / Sebastien Soler
Edition / Mei Fa Tan

Thanks / Federation Mottattom, Jasmine Darier, Valentine Erlanger, Carmo Moura, Elvira Baumann, Carlo Borromeo, Mané Bischof, Little Miss Trouble.

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