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The Blues Mystery - Sit Down

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Added on 7 May 2018

SIT DOWN is released together with the album SOUL MEMORIES on April 13, 2018. After BACK TO THE DIRTY TOWN this album shows The Blues Mystery at its best and purest, adding female backing vocals. Several songs groove with a funky upbeat touch and encouraging messages, well mixed with melancholic blues tunes carrying heavy lyrics.
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The Mysterious Blues Man
Isabella Thut

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Directed by: Isabella Thut
Camera: Laura Lechner
Main role: Alessa Eisschiel
Other actors: Franziska Henning, Marie Meinzenbach, Timo Lenzen, Daniel Bohrer, Elif Kardesseven, Sara Baric, Christophe Debs, Ursula Thut.

Shooting in the Irish Pub “The Harp”, Cologne, Germany.

531 plays