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He Who? (mix: Jim Fox, GROUNDATION)

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Added on 22 October 2018

share a vibe
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disco, dub, reggae

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The bands eagerly anticipated first album entitled «Share a Vibe» is scheduled for release December 2018 and will be preceded by a tour of the same name that kicks off in Switzerland on the 30th of November 2018. The album is mixed and mastered by the legendary Jim Fox known for his work with Israel Vibration and Groundation. Many exciting collaborations are in the pipeline for the band including upcoming projects with Joe Pilgrim, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, Mountain Dub and Groundation to name a few.
Teeth’n’Tongue Jam’s current line-up consists of lead singer and guitarist Lasha Rukhadze, guitarist David William Pendleton, bass player Robert Bilic, saxophonist Daniel Ypsilon Meyer, Nathan Solothurnman on keyboard, drummer Carl Frederik Rechsteiner and Nikolaos Chatzakis providing mixing and dubbing. As well as being a mixture of musical genres, the band is also a mix of nationalities with each member, past and present, bringing their own musical influences and unique vision to the band.

307 plays