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By Your Side (Alessandro Giannelli Remix)

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Added on 5 October 2018

The oppressive, just short of suffocating heart-pounding beat paints black, misty-murky mood images: sirens and demons circle around, above us in the wind-swept moonlit darkness, keening harpies, dementing wraiths, voodoo-ecstatic, soul-sucking succubi, bat-squeaking fiends, ghoulish girls – great as we approach October’s Gothic darkness; the escape-door, shimmering with a near-death radiance, taunting, jeering gleefully malicious in the distance – just out of reach. Mesmerizing, addictive, hypnotic, and fatefully, fatally attractive, mortally seductive. While Tim Freitag’s original rendition of «By Your Side» playfully, colorfully flicked away the gray day-to-day world like an annoying fly, Alessandro Giannelli’s version expresses his delicious pleasure in poking into recently healed wounds. But you continue to stay, gladly, willingly, enthralled, ecstatically enzombied, lusciously, seductively, eternally lost «By Your Side». FOLLOW ALESSANDRO GIANNELLI AND HIS BAND EGOPUSHER http://www.egopusher.com https://www.instagram.com/egopushermusic https://www.facebook.com/egopusher
Year of creation
Noodle Soup Records
Visuals/FX: Tobias Stierli / www.flaeck.com

Credits and thanks

Visuals/FX: Tobias Stierli / www.flaeck.com
Painting: Alexis Saile
Art Direction: Henry Gillis / www.henrygillis.com & Anne Güldner / www.annegueldner.com

Remix: Alessandro Giannelli
Mix&Mastering: David Hofmann / www.somastudios.ch
Lyrics: Janick Pfenninger & Vania Sousa
Guest-Singer: Vania Sousa / www.instagram.com/visforvania

Tim Freitag is and always will be Severin Graf, Nicolas Rüttimann, Lorenzo Demenga, Daniel Gisler & Janick Pfenninger

© Ⓟ Tim Freitag is under exclusive license to Noodle Soup Records (www.noodlesouprecords.com)

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