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Afra Kane-Les Embrayages Live session

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Funk, R&B
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Added on 15 January 2019

Afra Kane + Band live at Queen Kong Club, Neuchatel
Year of creation
Bay Collectif/La Case à Choc

Credits and thanks

Performed by Afra Kane (Voices, Pianos, Keys), Emilio Vidal (Guitars), Gino Berchicci (basses), Manuel Linder (Drums), Benoît Corboz (Hammonds on Them or me), Christophe Farine (Basses on Afra Kane), Margarida Costa (Violins on Afra Kane), Auguste Rahon (Cellos on Afra Kane)

Video directed by Bay Collectif & La Case à Choc, Neuchatel

148 plays