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Deeper In

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Metal/Punk, Metal
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Added on 5 December 2018

Here Is The Blood
Year of creation
Czar Of Bullets
bern, noiserock, psychedelic rock, sludgemetal, sludge, metal

Credits and thanks

Recorded, engineered & edited by Christoph Noth at Studio La Fonderie, Fribourg CH, October 2017
Additional Recordings by Christoph Noth at our Basement in Bern CH, October - November 2017
Mixed & mastered by Andrew Schneider at Acre, New York USA, December 2017 / January 2018
Vinyl Mastercut by Adrian Flück at Centraldubs, Bern CH, July 2018

Produced by Unhold

Illustration & design by Philipp Thöni/BlackYard

22 plays