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"Follow Me" by Carlyle Christopherson

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Added on 17 December 2018


Follow Me' is the first track to be released from this highly anticipated debut album "Here Comes History".

A beautifully tender track inspired by the idea of a 'plea' to ones own physical state to keep up with our spiritual makeup, throughout this great big journey called life!

I can see a frail blue light
It’s reaching through this trouble filled sky
How time feels like it’s just rushing by
Another empty high

Rollback the years and untangle these fears
Find our place with no historical trace
Wipe away these are someone else’s tears
There’s no need for fear

Follow me
Will you follow me
When lm down
And your found
Follow me
Wont you follow me
If lm still
Searching for higher ground

I’ll call your name if you if you were passing through
If deliverance fails to reconcile you
Hold me close and let this breeze blow through
Its got a hold on you

I found the path where the empty man goes
Took my time to learn what the better man knows
Turned to face the early morning sun
Thinks it’s time for you to come on home

Here Comes History (for release March 2019)
Year of creation
Unagi Sound
Michał Poddębniak
acoustic, indie pop

Credits and thanks

Greg Arnold, Toby May, Michał Poddębniak, Mateusz Czuchnowski and Kaja Walden

My wife Dominique Spirig and daughter Naomi Christopherson

40 plays