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Before You're Gone [Video]

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Added on 7 April 2019

Before You’re Gone As I look at this picture Black and white in front of me I see a boy holding the hand of his well-remembered dad Full of hope and affection he’s looking bright in his father’s eyes But after all, why did this go wrong? Why did this story turn out so bad? These are questions a nine-year old will ask himself once in a while But after storm clouds disappear After years it will be clear So dear dad, this song’s for you ‘cause you need me more than I need you Listen closely to my words, listen closely Before you’re gone we need to talk Before my songs have all been sung As I’m looking back to those days My hands clutching on to our picture I just can’t be angry anymore Even though things didn’t end up as planned You sometimes saw me through your eyes As your own compensation for the faults that you did in your youth There are so many things that I’d like to complain But I know that I can’t wrap all up in this song I just want you to know that you should have been more To me in those shattered old forgotten years Like a man, a man who is there To teach me how to stand up for myself Like an idol to me or an anchor somewhere You should have been more Do you know what I mean? Before you’re gone we need to talk Before my songs have all been sung
Until The Moment Has Passed
Year of creation
Luca Rüedi
alan tucci, dennis mettler, andrea lorefice, luca rüedi, indie folk, folk rock, down on earth

Credits and thanks

Video created by: Lars Epting, Roman Gubser, Olga Stuker, Luca Rüedi

Vocals, Guitar / Andrea Lorefice
Drums, Percussion / Dennis Mettler
Bass, Backing Vocals / Alan Tucci
Keys / Luca Rüedi

Additional Musicians
Backing Vocals / Jana Rüedi
Violin / Savannah Childers
Cello / Timo Welti

Produced, recorded & mixed by Talent Academy Studios
Bernd Rieger & Hannes Bachofner
Mastering by echo chamber, Dan Sutter

Thanks to the peopled involved in this project and those who helped financing this EP via wemakeit.

Song written by Andrea Lorefice
© 2018, Down On Earth

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