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Coming Home

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Added on 6 February 2019


The video was made during our little Tour with a band called Caligo in October 2017.
I had such a great time playing every night and being with everyone like a big family.
I cried after our last show and a member told me it was good to cry. He said it was proof that it was worth living. Sadly, the band broke up shortly after that. The video material was meant to be used as a Music Video for Caligo, and I didn't want it to go to waste... so I asked the camera man to edit it to one of my songs. 'Coming Home' was written while I was in Paris, alone with my guitar for the TV-show 'The Voice'. I was far from my loved ones, but I knew I had to be where I was. And that feeling comes around every time I play a show. Sharing my evening with people I've just met, experiencing all kinds of emotions. I'm a singer/songwriter alone with my guitar as Colour Of Rice so it was different with Caligo where we were six people on stage, three off stage. With this Music Video, I remember that time... and smile.

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