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Im Rhy

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Added on 30 April 2019

Oak Tree
Year of creation
schweizerdeutsch, basel, mundart, alternative

Credits and thanks

Merci to all the human beings who have made this record possible:

Tiny Telephone Studios San Francisco:
Recorded, mixed and remixed by John Vanderslice
Assisted by Rose Droll, Omar Akrouche & Raj Sabhlok
Mastered by Jacob Winik

Financially supported by
GGG Kulturkick
Kulturpauschale des Kantons Basel-Stadt, Jugendkultur

Supported with ideas, knowledge, patience and love by:

Jeremie, Phillip, Noé, Flavian, Pablo, Gabrielle, Giulietta, Nico, Johanna, Joel, Juan, Eva, Manu, Brooke, Barbara, Peter, Laura, Tichu and all those people who show up on concerts over and over again!
Merci beaucoup!

All songs written & composed by Gina Été

Arranged & played by:
Gina Été - vocals, viola, synths, piano
Jeremie Revel - vocals, guitar
Phillip Klawitter - vocals, double bass, bass synth
Noé Franklé - drums, electronics

39 plays