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Added on 17 July 2019

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GOLDEN is song I wrote in loving memory of my grandma who passed in March 2018. Her name was Dora, which in Italian means something like "golden". I miss her, her wisdom and her smile.
This song is featured on our first EP called "F" (2019) - send us an e-mail if you're interested in purchasing a copy.


Freddie & The Cannonballs are:
Federico Albertoni - bass, lead vocals
Roby Panzeri - drums
Mad Mantello - guitar, vocals
Chris Arcioni - organ
Nigel Casey - sax
Olmo Antezana - sax

I was my walking my dog one morning
I had a revelation, you see
the sky above me turned golden
And she was smiling at me

It really don’t believe it matters
if I was dreaming or it was real
I had a broken heart that morning
she found a way to make it heal

She was golden, she was golden
She was golden, my grandma, she was golden

I just miss your golden heart
Oh baby now I’m blue
No one ever heard you complaining
You just did what you had to do

When I think about your values
your patience and your grace
I flash the biggest smile
and I can’t get it off of my face

She was golden, she was golden
She was golden, my grandma, she was golden

Look in the mirror - what do I see?
That’s your smile and your legacy
Some people know
Some people don’t, but that’s alright with me

Why does it give me so much pain?
Now, can’t you hear me calling your name?
Why does it hurt so much?
Those times, they ain’t gonna come back
It’s all over, but I’m glad I got the chance…

110 plays