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Get Your Love

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Added on 4 May 2019

Soul Journey
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Credits and thanks

Songs produced & arranged by David Stauffacher, Jo Elle Songs written by Jo Elle, David Stauffacher
Co-Writing by Michael Bommersheim (Dreamer, Joyful) Lyrics by Jo Elle
Mixing by Claye (UK) Mastering by echochamber Distributed by iGroove AG
Vocals: Jo Elle
Guest Singer: Akeem Garrison (Day Will Come)
Backing Vocals. Lesley Bogaert, Jo Elle
Drum: Simon Zwicky
Percussion: David Stauffacher
Guitar: Jeremy Baer
Bass: Rodrigo Aravena (We Do It, Joyful, Get Your Love)
Ralf Schick: Let Love Grow, You, Day Will Come, Run Baby, Take It Slow)
Double Bass: Rodrigo Aravena
Keys: Michele Bochicchio
Trombone & Trumpet: Til Schneider (Trailormade Tonstudio) Trumpet: Amik Guerra (Run Baby)
Album Covers: Jamrock_Art Grafics: Don Caramelo Cover Pictures: Jen Ries Pressebilder: Amanda Nikolic

38 plays