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Super Sexy Girls

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Added on 17 May 2019

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'Super Sexy Girls' is a mix between funky sounds, obtained through slap basses, guitars and organs combined with a catchy and electronic drop realized for both radios, festivals and clubs. A soul music-oriented vocal line tells us how with the right people everything can change for the best in no time.

Press kit IT: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wakho58wjy60ad1/AACKBgqbmm_-LTwBGq0RD0dCa?dl=0
Press kit DE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n3z9kztirpwg3jw/AAAr76uZXW3gkM6gvHHVBKIca?dl=0

WE THE SAVAGES is a dj and producer independent duo from Switzerland. They're born a few years ago releasing their first tracks "Frenzy" and "Over" under Enjoy Records and reaching the Top 10 on Beatport Electro House Chart. Thanks to their production they could share the stage with several important djs like Robin Schulz, Dj Antoine, Djs From Mars, Mike Candys, Luca Testa & many more, gaining their local fanbase and a quite good experience.

They then decided to lock up in the studio and work hard to create that unique style which truly represents their musical influences. After almost two years they came back with "Indiass", a genre defying track that bridges the gap between EDM and Progressive/Psy-Trance. After this they publish their bootleg of "OK" by Robin Schulz feat. James Blunt and another original mix called "Roll'N'Rock". Lately they released "Mami" with Etna Recordings, reaching the Top 3 on Beatport Electro House Chart, and their last release: the official remix of "Basketball" by Jean Marie feat. Flo Rida e Marta Sanchez.

Their tracks have been played and supported by several djs like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Timmy Trumpet, and many more.

347 plays