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Added on 23 October 2019

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House Of Riddim
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“...Big up all mi true friends and fire bun a frenemy, mi cut off all di linky dem weh nuh really real to me, things weh dida worry mi cyaa worry mi again, nuh deal wid badmind so mi nuh keep dem kinda friend...”
This line might describe Cookie The Herbalist’s brand new creation, on a vibing rhythm by Austrian producer Sam Gilly (House Of Riddim), as his best.
This song, in which the artist again delivers very solid lyrics, is on one hand referring to fake friends and unloyal fellows and on the other hand thanking and bigging up the real friends who never sold out and always stayed loyal.
“...That’s why mi haffi big up all mi real gena dem, di ones dem weh dehyah from way back when...”
Cookie The Herbalist strikes again with another big song. He is doing what he does best, delivering high-quality lyrics underlined by his sometimes rough, sometimes bittersweet voice, all mixed together with a variety of powerful styles and spiced up with catchy melodies.
“ That’s Why”​ - will be released on OCTOBER 25th. Presal code here: https://snd.click/FPimiOp4
Thanks for supporting genuine Reggae Music!
Thanks to House Of Riddim for producing this new piece!

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