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Come What May (Official Video)

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Added on 5 September 2019


The story takes place in a world where a global virus has spread, turning humans into sleepwalking, telekinetic killing machines.
The story is told thru the eyes of an infected woman. Her name is Dorothy. We focus on her transformation, her struggle of slowly turning into a sleepwalker and her refusal of becoming a killer machine, murdering her friends one by one.
The story is not meant be fully understood. As we will mix abstract, artsy shots with cinematic scenes, there will be lot of room for interpretation.
The story has an open ending and therefor sets the stage for further sequels.

Year of creation
Hi-Tea Records
Dennis Ledergerber, André Guadagno

Credits and thanks

Video Credits:

Writers & Directors: Dennis Ledergerber, André Guadagno
Producers: Susanne Bucher, Dennis Ledergerber, André Guadagno
Executive Producer: Uli Scheper
Production: Markenfilm Schweiz AG
Co-Production: Filmgerberei GmbH

Cast: Anna Caminati, Urs Humbel, Ladina von Frisching, Kay Kysela

Director of Photography: Silvio Gerber
Production Assistant: Vita Saurin
1. AC: Joel Lopez
2. AC: Pierre Weber
Costume: Ksenia Ticò
Hair & Make-Up: Jessica Krenn
Assistant Hair & Make-Up: Linda Gabler
Prop Master: Jessica Schmid
Gaffer: Laurids Jensen
Electrician: Nico Cavegn
Electrician: Roman Brändli
Electrician: Moritz Schermbach
Stunts: Roland Siegenthaler
Drone Pilot: Christian Mühlhauser
Catering: Suzanne Ledergerber
Runner: Joscha Moser
Runner: Eva Grätzer
Runner: Urs Westerman
Assistant Editor: Leo Laguna
VFX: Claudio Antonelli
Additional 3D Modeling: Luc Kälin
Colorist: Jürgen Kupka
Sound Design: Stefan Sommerhalder
News Reporter: Jessica Matzig

Special Thanks: Kurt Haenggi, Amanda Samantha Brooke, Daniel Haenggi, Adrian Grabe, Nico Schmied, Valérie Engeler, Fizzen St.Gallen, Visuals Switzerland, Stucki Action


352 plays