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Added on 12 September 2019

gift session
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circle of friends, friendship, dew-music, sad, melancholic, inner void, singer-songwriter, guitar, soundscapes, qat, linde, linn, bötzberg, linde linn, movingimage, roger mäder, switzerland, basel, oregon, usa, portland, jeff stuart saltzman, ramon vaca, helium records, gift session, gift recording, hunger, dew

Credits and thanks

1. Dew Single-Release “hunger”!
The gift session

“hunger” first release of dews gift-session increasingly enhanced by soundscapes of QAT – hunger for life, filling the inner void. melancholic and sad, in the confusion of feelings. find the way out, the way up.

Music: dew & QAT - www.qat-music.com
Lyrics: dew
Produced by Ramon Vaca Helium Records - www.heliumrecords.ch
Mastered by Jeff Stuart Saltzman - http://jeffstuartsaltzman.com/
Video-Production by Roger Mäder – www.movingimage.ch
Roger Mäder director of the video captured the dreamy feeling of the song. We shot mostly around Bötzberg.
So happy and excited how the video came out. Thanks to the great people involved.

the studio recordings were mostly a gift from my absolutely fantastic and wonderful friends Sharon, Lotti, Nati, Sandra, Sandan and Ramon.
I am happy and thankful to have such a fantastic circle of friends!

67 plays