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Stars feat. Clara Gurjão

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Added on 20 November 2019

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Cats & Dust
duett, clara gurjao, portugese, brazilianmusic

Credits and thanks

Written by Bastian Baker, Caroline Marquard, Zoe Mirkovic and Clara Gurjão
Produced by Kassin and Clara Gurjão
Mixed by Sheriff [Damascus Media]
Mastered at The Bakery
Music by
Kassin: bass and musical production
Dedê Silva: drums and percussion
Rodrigo Suricato: acoustic guitar and Weissenborn
Danilo Andrade: keyboards
Clara Gurjão: voice and vocals
Bastian Baker: voice and vocals
Mauro Araujo: sound engineer
Recorded in March 2019 in Studio Marini - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Bastian’s vocals recorded at Studio Rec’N Roll, Brussels

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