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Merry Christmas to My Friends

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Added on 1 December 2019

Merry Christmas to My Friends
Year of creation
swing, ballad, crooner, weihnachten, natale, christmas, big band

Credits and thanks

Marco Santilli Rossi (voce, clarinetti, coproduttore)
Urs Wiesendanger (percussioni e tastiere aggiuntive, cori, coproduttore)
Tom Beek, Arjan Muusz (sassofoni contralto, tenore e baritono) *
Cees Trappenburg, Nico Schepers (trombe) *
Martijn Sohier, Bart van Gorp (tromboni) *
Ivan Tibolla (pianoforte)
Francis Coletta (chitarra)
Dominique Girod (contrabbasso)
Peter Lübke (batteria)

(* fiati della Metropole Orchestra)

Brani registrati ai Powerplay Studios, Maur ZH.
Artwork e foto: Susanne Blatter

Merry Christmas to My Friends is a romantic ballad in which old friends come together sharing past experiences and future plans. They seem so proud to have achieved great things in life. As a child I have observed such friends meetings and these guys gave themselves very important airs.

738 plays