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Added on 4 December 2019

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Will the villain or the stereotypical asshole – and boy are there plenty of them in the media right now – ever see the light? And are we capable of seeing the humanity in someone that doesn’t recognise ours? These are some of the questions posed in “Donny”, the new single from Swiss electro pop duo Elvett. The song places the subject at the moment of full revelation, mere seconds before the self is fully annihilated as a result of physical death. That’s quite a statement, right there, if you actually take a moment to inhale it.

“Donny” is like a dark gospel song, one that was crafted out of analog synth soundscapes and the type of tensions and atmosphere that you only encounter while clubbing. Elvett took that and fused it with the warm earthiness and syrupy soul found in delta blues, and created their own type of church with it.

"Thanks to you asshole for being so stupid. Your uncontrolled logorrhea waked me up, me and million of other women all around the world." Lyn

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