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Snow Me In

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Added on 5 December 2019

Keeping The Racket Up
Year of creation
Soulbowl Productions
vocal, slow, soul

Credits and thanks


Produced by Tom Swift

All songs written and composed by Tom Swift & The Exceptions.
Except for “You’re Beyond Comparison” and “Night Train” by Philip Setzepfand.

Lead Vocals by Tom Swift

Music by The Exceptions:
Guitar by Philip Setzepfand
Organ by Roland Köppel
Bass by Jorge Fortes
Drums by Andreas Schnyder

Percussion on “Never play with Lucy” by Eric Gut

Backing Vocals on “Keeping the Racket up”, “On and On”, “You’re Beyond Comparison”, “Night Train”, “My People They Are Scared” by Emilia Taubic & Celine Huber

Backing Vocals on “Sweet Talk”, “Crossing The Bridge”, “The Itch” by Nadine Böhler & Nza Smith

Shouts on “Hot Stuff” “Where’s the Mechanic” and “Bang Bang” by Jacqueline Loekito, Yasmin Louis Lepech, Földy, Jorge Fortes and friends

Sound aesthetics by Philip Setzepfand

Recorded by Eric Gut at One Drop Studios (onedrop.ch)

Mixed by Serge Krebs at Krebs Recording Studios ww6

Mastered by Dan Suter at Echo Chambers Studio (echochambers.ch)

Lyrical advice by Andrew Shields

Stylistic advice by Jacqueline Loekito (jacquelineloekito.com)

Artwork & concept by Pascal Brun & Mats Willi (teamswitzerland.com)

Check www.tomswiftmusic.com for further info, concert dates, videos and social media.

207 plays