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Added on 28 February 2020

Year of creation
orchestral, cinematic electronica, cinematic, orchestra, french, alternative

Credits and thanks

Recorded by Julius Gass von Gass n Klang & Antonina Wyszyńska
Production & electronics by Noé Franklé
Mixed by Paul Gregory
Mastered by Jacob Winik
Relesed on Lauter

My beloved orchestra playing on the recording:
Faira Vocals 2
Stella Drechsler - Violin I
Verena Braungart - Violin I
Pia Lambertz - Violin I
Judith Rosenbach - Violin II
Nathalie Litzner - Violin I
Clara Siegmund - Violin II
Coen Strouken - Viola
Theresa Hořejší - Viola
Lisa Bither - Viola
Muriel Bonn - Violoncello
Cornelius Stu- Violoncello
Valerie Rathmann - Violoncello
Phillip Klawitter - Double bass
Conrad Noll - Double bass
Sofia Eftychidou - Double bass
Victor Gelling - Double bass
Jeremie Revel - Bass Synth
Leo Zimmer - Horn
Ricarda Lange - Horn
David Heiß - Trumpet
Marie Tjong-Ayong - Trompet, Fluegel
Clemens Gottwald - Trombone
Matthias Schuller - Trombone

824 plays