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Cold Rain

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Added on 19 February 2020

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Credits and thanks

Beth Wimmer, words and music. vocals and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, shaker.
Billy Watts, electric guitars, lap steel guitar.
David Raven, drums.
Taras Prodaniuk, bass.
Aaron Till, viola.
Christof Waibel, keyboards.

Cold Rain - beth wimmer 2018

i’ve been walking in the cold rain
warm loving you in my brain
now i’m getting on a lonely train
coming in out of the cold rain

i’ve been longing for the sunshine
looking westward with you in my mind
it’ll happen but it needs some time
now i really need some sunshine

bridge one-
the leaves fall while you’re gone
and time and the weather are moving on
your voice and all you said
are singing in my head

sweet solo of some sort

bridge two-
the winter days do freeze me to the marrow like an arrow
to my soul you sweetly go and keep your flame
it warms me through dark days into the springtime when you’ll be mine
we’ll stoke the fire for the year ahead

now i’m walking through the wildflowers
my train leaving on the hour
i’m on it heading westward bound
i’ll be in your arms at sundown
in your arms again at sundown
in your loving arms at sundown

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