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Sonic Delusion - Don't Let Love Make A Fool

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Added on 7 June 2020


Sonic Delusion’s single “Don’t Let Love Make a Fool” is his latest release and also an interactive murder mystery!
The funky indie pop song hides clues in the lyrics and in the official music video that will help anybody wanting to solve this awful crime.
Here is the story:
The victim was discovered on Friday 05/06/2020 at 9pm on a full moon night with 2 diamonds in his pocket and was identified as Andre Manella aka Sonic Delusion.
It wasn’t unusual for the Swiss/Kiwi musician to leave early for soundcheck.
When the rest of the band arrived they found him lying motionless on the ground.
The funk bass that used to belong to his french bass player Severin Thiebaut was to his right side, Andre’s tiny 36-key pop keyboard was above his head, his brand new funky u-bass to his left side and he’s still holding on to his beloved acoustic guitar, a Takamine TSF40C.
What happen?

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