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Online (Lyric Video)

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Added on 24 June 2020

'online' is a song about relationships and loneliness in times of internet and social media. Official lyric video 'online' on YouTube: https://youtu.be/4R2PZ2su6Dg Official release: https://lnkfi.re/1DINOq Lyrics: (verse 1) When all your friends have left you You feel alone and sad Asking yourself the question If you are going mad Age of communication In thousand endless chats Ends always in frustration In one of all these apps (chorus:) Hopeless and empty As empty can be Online and helpless but free (verse 2) No need to be polite Or even tell the truth As long as you say it online It doesn’t need a proof Under the spell of smartphones Computers and tablets In times of wrong protection True hurtings and regrets (repeat chorus) (break:) FACEBOOK, INSTA, TWITTER, SNAPCHAT, BITCOINS, TOKENS, ONLINE, WHATSAPP, GRINDR, TUMBLR, UNKNOWN NUMBER (repeat chorus) Just say it online come do it with me Online and helpless but free Hopeless and empty As empty can be Do it with me and be free (Music and lyrics copyright 2020 by YOUR FUNNY UNCLE)
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Vinicio Albani
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Special thanks to Petar Babic for helping create the lyric video and for continuous support.

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