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The Trouble Of Being You (Big Trouble Remix)

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Added on 28 July 2020

The Trouble Of Being You
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Your Funny Uncle
danceparty, dance music., deephouse, synth, synthesizer, vocoder, queer, lgbtq, summertime, summervibes, dancefloor, dance music, house, deep house, techno

Credits and thanks

"The Trouble Of Being You" was written and produced by YOUR FUNNY UNCLE. Inspiration was the fact that people sometimes get in their own way and
they can’t change, no matter how hard they try or how much they want to. In that case it is actually a problem to be themselves. Basically, ‘The Problem Of Being You’ is all about loving yourself the way you are and that for some people it's simply not possible to do that.

This is a fantastic new remix of 'The Trouble Of Being You' by YOUR FUNNY UNCLE himself. Enjoy!

Written, produced and remixed by YOUR FUNNY UNCLE, Copyright 2020

Official release: https://lnkfi.re/TIPILA

Cover artwork by YOUR FUNNY UNCLE: thanks to DJ Bobby Bella for the original logo design of YOUR FUNNY UNCLE.
Special thanks to Petar Babic for continuing support.

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