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I'm Still (Official Video)

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Added on 15 December 2020


“I remember crying while recording I’m Still. I was at a stage in my life where I just couldn’t see what came next.
I was deeply in love and ready to give myself completely to it but I just wasn’t getting anything back. I’ve with time realised that your energy is the most precious thing you have and that you really need to take care of it at all costs. It isn’t worth risking for anyone. Because once you’ve lost it, once you’ve lost yourself in it (as the song goes), it takes a lot of work to get it back!
I wanted the video to reflect through colour, the conflict between the innocent and loving side of the situation, and the cold and hurtful one. That’s why we decided to go with purity and simplicity. Nude and black colours. Just wearing and dancing in leotards. The video was filmed in November 2019. It was 1 degrees outside and I was wearing nothing but a small piece of cloth.. but I guess you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, right?!”

Year of creation
Jasmine Brechbiehl & May Roze
new release, new music, may roze, music video, i'm still, bjork, fka twigs, alternative rnb, r&b, rnb, alternative pop, pop

Credits and thanks

Video Director : Jasmine Brechbiehl & May Roze
Writer/Composer, Video Editor, Choreographer : May Roze
Audiovisual Company : Creamorphic
Composer/Music Producer : Load Track
Sound Engineer : Alban Chance
Mastering Studio : Oasis Studio

Special thanks to :
Body Langage for the leotards and trust in the project
Valserhône authorities and Carrefour Châtillon-en-michaille for the very appreciated support

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